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What’s the Difference Between a Painter and a Decorator?

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Apr 2022

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What is a painter?

​Someone who is a painter by trade will generally offer services of applying paint, stains, or other forms of liquid coatings to walls, floors, machinery, buildings, or other structures.  The role of a painter is utilised across all sectors, from private residential projects, commercial, and civil, as well as industrial types of work. ​

What is a decorator?

​A decorator, as a professional term, is an all-encompassing trade and covers many aspects of property renovation and decoration such as painting, tiling, plastering, repair work, and more. The definition of a decorator and the services that are on offer will vary from business to business.

Who can be a painter and decorator?

Generally speaking, there are no hard and fast rules about who can be a painter or decorator, although of course this varies depending on your location. It’s always best to go with a licensed and qualified contractor to reduce your risk and give you the best chances of receiving a quality service.

Where can you find a painter or decorator?

Painting and decorating is a profession which exists worldwide, and you can find some form of in almost every culture in any country. In your search for the right tradesman for your needs, it’s advisable to ask friends and family for recommendations first. This has the benefit of using someone who is tried and tested from people you trust. If you are not satisfied by referrals, then taking your search online is the next best option. Use a popular search engine such as Google to find a local painter or decorator near you.

How can you contact a painter or decorator?

The best way to contact a painter or decorator is by calling them directly on the phone. Most professionals will also be contactable by email, as well as through instant messaging systems or contact forms on their various social platforms and websites, but these methods typically require a longer response time. 

When can you use a painter or decorator?

​Many of us like to think we are pretty handy when it comes to DIY, and whilst there’s nothing wrong with having a crack yourself, sometimes it is better to call in the experts. Painters and decorators can assist you in small home improvements, such as painting a room, which might only take a few hours. However, they are also the right professionals to use for large remodelling ventures which require days, weeks, or even months of work. Painting is something most properties will require in every room, and applies to both interior and exterior surfaces, so there are many situations where you will find yourself in need of a decorator. 

What is the difference between a painter and a decorator?

​The main difference between a painter and decorator is simply the range of work they undertake. Whilst a painter will tend to stick to paint-only jobs, a decorator will have the experience needed to perform a variety of tasks. 

Do I need a painter, or a decorator?

​Hiring the right contractor for your needs is essential. Consider whether your project requires only painting, or whether there are potential obstacles (such as cracked walls) that could call for more general repair work. If you’re unsure, the safest practise is to choose a painter decorator such as Limassol Painters, who have the skill to undertake a variety of decorating tasks, saving you time and money! 

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