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How to Choose the Right Bedroom Colour to Enhance Your Sleep

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Feb 2022

The associations of colours with feelings can subconsciously affect our mood. Learn how to take advantage of this to improve your sleep.

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The Importance of Your Bedroom

​When people think about redecorating a property, their first thought is usually the kitchen, or bathrooms. We spend a lot of time and energy ensuring that these spaces are presentable for family and guests and pour our love and attention into their colour themes and presentation. In our haste to impress, the bedroom is often overlooked. Maybe it’s because it’s a private space and not often open to visitors’ judgement. However, this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take care to create a environment perfectly designed for our needs. As it turns out, neglecting your bedroom decoration may be more damaging than you realise. 

Improve Your Sleep

Sleep is a precious thing for us all. Most of us don’t get enough of it. And when we do sleep, the quality is often compromised. Of course, there are external factors which are outside of our control, however, there are many things we can do to help improve the calibre and length of our sleep. Many of these tactics you may have heard of, such as avoiding blue light for at least an hour before bed, eating a healthy dinner earlier in the evening, and creating a bedtime routine; but there is another influential factor which may surprise you. Did you know that the colours of your bedroom walls can have a serious impact on your ability to relax and get a good nights’ rest?

The Colours to Choose to Aid Sleep

​We’ve all heard that colours can affect our state of mind, but how can we use this to our benefit? Continue reading to discover the best options to help you on our way to a long and peaceful zzz…

Modern bedroom with blue accent colours and bamboo accessories


​Blue is by far the best and most popular choice in terms of the relaxation and calming effect it has on our minds and bodies. Perhaps it’s because it reminds us of the ocean, or blue summer skies, but either way – blue should be at top of your list for colours to decorate your bedroom. Muted tones and pastels like duck egg blue are a go-to for many savvy decorators. Or, for a mature bachelor pad feel, try a deep navy.

Dark green tropical themed bedroom


​Another great colour to get you on the way to a solid 8 hours is green. Green reminds us of nature, and we associate it with organicity, health, and life. It’s also a positive colour: green means go, or “yes”, and this can provide a feeling of harmony and reassurance.

Modern bedroom painted in bright sunshine yellow


​It may not appear as an obvious selection, but yellow is a really smart colour to decorate your bedroom. Yellow is a happy colour, and what’s better than to go to sleep and wake up feeling joyful, with the colour of sunshine on your walls?

Luxury bedroom with silver painted walls and silver bedsheets


​Let’s make sure to distinguish the difference between silver and grey when we talk about painting your boudoir. Silver is a brilliant option that exudes luxury and maturity. It is opulent, yet neutral, so is perfect if you’re not big on bold colour themes or want to accessorise your room with individual pieces of colour. Dusky pinks and rich turquoise work great as accent colours to silver.

Colours to Avoid

Now we know which paint colours to choose from, what are the shades which we should steer clear of? Some of the worst selections for a bedroom include; purple, as it provides feelings of energy; red, which can infer danger or anger; and grey, as it’s just plain dull!

Sleep Soundly in the Knowledge…

​So, let’s not underestimate the importance of our environment when it comes to sleep. Make sure to stick to muted tones and calming hues for the ultimate good zizz, and rest assured that you picked the perfect pigment to give your body the quality sleep it deserves. 

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