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Crack and Wall

Plastering and Repair

Before we begin painting your interior, the walls need to be in a ready state to allow for a smooth and even paint or wallpaper finish. It’s an important step of the process, and the time taken to adequately prepare will be well worth the flawless result you envisioned.

Commonly we see small holes, dents and scratches from nail holes, cracks or gaps in the wall. We also often deal with spalling, where the surface peels, pops out or flakes off due to water in the wall material. Although the damage may seem minor, oftentimes no amount of fresh paint can cover up these imperfections. Our painters will repair the damage thoroughly rather than simply glossing over the problem. This means your walls will be looking spick and span for years to come! 

​We begin by cleaning and sanding the walls, then stripping and priming them, ready to receive their new decoration.

What about exterior walls? Don’t worry, we can paint the outside of your house, too. Limassol Painters even paint garden fences, railings, decks, and more!


crack running through a white painted wall
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